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If you’ve ever had to sacrifice and persevere then you will understand what this brand is all about. There is a passion that is often driven by the sense of self fulfillment and purpose, a purpose that is fueled by true desire and an understanding of where you’re coming from and where you aim to be. Jazba is a brand that is inspired by true life experiences of several hardworking and dedicated sportspeople, who have experienced the true feeling of immeasurable fulfillment that is not essentially driven by results, but by dedication and self-belief

Jazba is a feeling, a passion, a determination, a will, a belief, an attitude and the courage to persevere and not give up.

We at Jazba have conveniently found a way to balance quality, price and affordability of all our products, you don’t need to break the bank to be the best. We create superior products  that are true to an active lifestyle. Our manufacturing processes have been centered on the ergonomic form, comfort, agility and aesthetics  mixed with a complete technical understanding of various  needs to deliver an enhanced performance.

Only JAZBA dares to be original, meaningful and passionate. Join us today.

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It started with a team of enthusiasts comprising of experienced designers, innovators and industry experts who devoted their lives creating the best of performance gear for major sports brands. In fact we are the largest producer of Cricket and Hockey footwear in terms of volumes and the number of brands for whom we not only produce but also innovate. This expertise & feeling of pure passion led us to create a brand dedicated to true sportsmanship and their undying spirit captured as their Jazba.


Jazba provides an answer to the timeless debate of what is more important, Form or Function. It converges both together into a fashion forward performance gear designed & crafted passionately for you. Our product promise to you, is to be an aid in your pursuit of excellence, or living a more healthy and active lifestyle. Our extensive technical research and evolved design sensibility are assets to your passionate play. We are extremely confident that you ‘ll love our products, that will enrich your experience


Jazba is a thought, that is pure passion for sports. It inspires to strive to excel not in-spite of circumstances but despite of them. Jazba is an outcome of years of hard work to create something extra ordinary through a strong belief, vision and passion. We have you covered with our high-performance footwear and  built-in technology that can withstand just about anything that comes your way. An out of the box idea to pass on the benefits of our product expertise at a justified price.  A brand that would step to the forefront as the athletic go-to for practices, games and workouts.

Our Core Values ?

  • Customer Service
  • Production
  • Marketing

What Our Customers Says ?

My name is Rahul and for the past year and a half I was searching around for good quality cricket shoes at an affordable price. Even, after extensive research and inquiry I always got nowhere. Even last year I went on www. .com and ordered an expensive pair that to me on internet looked good. But alas! it wasn’t even close to what I wanted, in spite of the extra money I paid for it. So, my research took me to one day. And I was really excited to see that they had the shoes I was looking for at a substantially lower price than what I paid earlier for the other brand. After a week,as soon as I heard that door bell ring and saw the DTDC van parked outside I knew it was the time…the shoes were here. And I couldn’t believe the package…it was sooooooo light… The packing was amazing there is no way, with that kind of packing that my shoes would get damaged. I opened the package and was amazed to see the shoes. Finally my wait was over and I am sure I will always remember Team Jazba for all their help and support in my mentoring years. Thanks a lot guys. You’ve been wonderful and I am so proud to deal with Jazba because they are people like me or anybody else… always involved in performance sports and doing the best they can for footwear in sports. From now there is no way I will be buying my shoes from anybody else… and tell you frankly…. I have a partner in my shoe to help me run, bowl, bat without any fatigue. Cheers

Just wanted to share my cricket news. Been having a wonderful time practicing with the SCCA (Southern California Cricket Assoc.) guys here in Los Angeles. Been learning so much (including an understanding of just how much more I have to learn). Been happy to pick up some skills, with the hope I might get good enough to play in some 3rd division games next season.
Well, last Sunday I enjoyed a very unexpected opportunity. I’d gone down to the cricket grounds to support my favorite 1st division team in their big match of the year, when the captain of a social league team playing at the opposite field came running over desperately looking for an eleventh man. I told him I had little to offer but enthusiasm, but that proved enough! Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, I was in my very first cricket match!!!
I had noticed that many guys on that very hot day (97 f) were sweating and sore while batting. In the locker room, I checked out some of the other shoes discovered they were heavy, unwieldy and undoubtedly uncomfortable to wear. The Jazba shoe is so much lighter and better designed than the others that there is no reason NOT to wear it. Even in the brutal heat it was quite comfortable and cool. Needless to say anytime I’m at the crease I will be wearing my Jazba shoe. Thanks again with all the help with helping me find the right shoe for me. Cheers,

I am sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner and let you know how much Stephen likes his shoes.
He has used it in 3 games now. Being in under 18’s, he wants to give his best to each innings. First game he got to bat and ended the day with 71 (his best ever). Game 2 he retired again with 43. Game 3 he was lucky enough to be picked to play in a combined team for our cricket association and he top scored for his team with 38. He is a very happy cricketer indeed. I am sure there will be plenty of other kids and adults from the club being in touch with you about buying shoes. Many of the seniors seemed very impressed with the quality of the shoes. Anyway, thanks again for all of your help. Cheers,

To those who are reading…..  We bought 2 Jazba shoes from Amazon. They are to the exact specification and let me tell you….they are a beauty!! Having shopped on-line for many years, dealing with Amazon is the easiest experience I’ve always had in buying any kind of merchandise over the web!! I checked out Jazba on their website before ordering. I was very satisfied knowing BSK has developed cricket shoes for all known brands world over before putting all his learning and passion into his baby Jazba. After seeing the shoe I know he knows his products and the shipment was amazingly quick (6 days to NZ fromUK)!! He personally answered my email related to product queries which is very rare in any business. He truly has set an example for other vendors of all sorts. It was a pleasure dealing with Jazba and BSK. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, BRO !!

Hi Jazba Thanks very much for my cricket shoe, it arrived yesterday, as you said, and they are fantastic. The quality is great and they look really good as well. I will be in touch soon with my next order.

Thanks again