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Our Story

Jazba is a feeling, a passion, a determination, a will, a belief, an attitude and the courage to persevere and not give up.

When we look within, what we see is not just us, it is a culmination of years, ages, centuries of civilization. I am very proud of my roots, which I consider not to be an Indian but more a part of a civilization which has been called the cradle of the human race. Extending to lots of countries of the current Asian continent.

I am sure in this long journey Asia would have pioneered a lot of inventions related to sport too, come to think of it, what would have the warriors/ civilians of that age done in their free time, what must have been the recreation and entertainment ? if not related to sport.

In the past century all the major brands that we know of in Sport have originated either in the US or in Europe which both when compared to Asia have a lesser known history but the difference is they valued their culture. This pride and belief in their systems helped create these products. While we in Asia try to ape the west now all the time.

“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.” Albert Einstein.

The earlier brands now, are mammoth giants run by corporations that have too many tiers and commercial diversifications to truly innovate. Their basic running costs stop them from experimenting and taking up todays challenges, they are forced to play safe.

As a reflection of these times, my thought was, How can I compete in the current market with these brands if my core is a copy? I didn’t want a me too product, nor does the Jazba user. We are tired of off-shoots of existing products, a market crowded with stylized versions of the names and vectors of bigger brands. My Jazba user may not have all the resources or opportunities but definitely has the will. To support them I felt now is the time to develop an original performance brand ‘Jazba’ based on the foundation of my 20 years of learning, innovating and experience.

In sports, performance and competitiveness are the core , therefore I wanted to create an entity I could be proud of, a brand such as Jazba that can prove we too have the intellect and capabilities. We, as the Jazba community dare to be original, meaningful and skilled.

Jazba is a passion that makes talent shine, by polishing skills every day, every moment, every practice session.

Strength is measured in pounds, speed is measured in seconds, but courage is measured as your Jazba.,